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Post-Apocalyptic Short Film - 10 Minutes

A near future society descending into tribes and living under oppressive rule. When the violent Enforcers take a step too far, the Workers choose their own fate.

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Fantasy Short Film - 37 Minutes

An ambitious young king plots Myrlan’s bloody expansion but, with his eye turned from home, opportunity for a new regime is seized by a band of rebels.

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Feature Film (Pre-Production)

Men make monsters. At least that’s true for Crawley, a photographer in a sinister vein of work: blackmail. Not entirely void of conscience, he aims for villainous subjects, but the road he walks crosses a nightmarish discovery.
Meanwhile, a local police constable plays cops and robbers with a 60-year-old burglar and things don’t add up – his violent sentences end in early bail and he hasn’t aged a day in 30yrs. Something’s being covered up and PC Cooper’s going to find out if his bark is as bad as his bite.

Full Moon


Feature Film (In Development)

Wrath is a modern and intelligent gangster come psychological horror film. Dealing with issues of consent, coercion, suicide, revenge and the effects of not being believed.

Car Lights
The Paw
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