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Pale Raven Pictures are a team of Sheffield natives who draw inspiration from the dichotomy of the city's history of heavy industry and the natural splendour of the green spaces both surrounding and minutes from the centre. We specialise in telling stories with a fantastical element and have an ethos of creating opportunities for early career performers and crew.

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Co-Owner & Company Director

Dale has written, directed and performed in independent theatre productions, as well as producing and co-writing a number of films for Pale Raven Pictures. He trained for 4 years in acting, honing transformative character performances. He has worked professionally as an actor for scare attractions, adverts, educational videos and even hosts a pub quiz or two.
Dale's passion is historical combat. He trained for 5 years in HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) and 1 year with the Viking Society, choreographing numerous fight scenes.

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Co-Owner & Company Director

Cieran is a Writer and Director from Sheffield, U.K. A history of filmmaking growing up left him savvy to self-producing on pocket money budgets. Drawing from his own training in acting, his focus on acute characterisation has developed into a passion for intimate, personal drama. He writes and directs for Pale Raven Pictures, recently co-creating Myrlan.
In 2018 he directed and produced a remote documentary project from his kitchen table while production went ahead in Turkey and his music video with Pale Raven Pictures won 2nd place in SYFN's 2Weeks2MakeIt competition.

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Co-Owner & Company Director

Chris is an Actor and Film Producer from Sheffield, U.K. He entered the Entertainment Industry comparatively late, at the age of 40, following a successful career in Sales and Marketing.

Chris's Pre-Production focus at Pale Raven Pictures is on gathering investment and financing to green light productions. During Post-Production he is responsible for marketing, PR, advertising, distribution, and release.

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